Studio Mobius is (mercifully) on ice.

Myra Klarman has found her true calling as a portrait photographer.

Rich Klarman is still happily at work transforming human beings into lawyers as a private tutor. He’s in the process of developing a publications mini-site for bar exam and law related topics.

Studio Mobius works directly with big companies, small companies, entrepreneurs, foundations, universities, and arts organizations. In addition, we consult with software development firms and marketing agencies to help them better serve their clients.

We help our clients communicate their expertise, knowledge, mission, and goodwill — with clarity and ingenuity. Have a look at our portfolio, and let us know if you agree with this modest assessment! It's organized according to the terms we hear our clients use most often. While these categories are distinct, they do overlap considerably. For example, a successful website will include information design and an identity strategy. Accordingly, we hope you'll peruse all three sections.

If you like what you see, please email or phone us at 734-827-0991. We'd love to show you our complete portfolio and discuss ways we can help your organization reach its goals.

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